How do americans with children?
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A refused to antibiotics trick!
Fever is a child growth process, is a process of greater resistance.My baby has a fever is the most commonly used with ice, with fresh ice bags, zipper with a clean towel to wrap the ice in the whole body, 30 minutes must have fever.Burn much with merrill lynch or tylenol.If it is a cold fever, no let children hanging nose no matter, a few days.Don't believe any medicine to cure cold.So far, in addition to last year's hand, foot and mouth by hospitals lie in that time, my two children never hang brine and injection of antibiotics.In the United States, is the kind of disease to die injection of antibiotics, injections of landscape in China, the frightened girl's father, the scene to let a person be afraid he said.Heading rows garter st, thugs leg of children under the escort of mom dad grandpa's grandmother hang brine.Concentration camps have been so, very scary.To spend money, is more terrible wars kept all kinds of poisonous microbes from more and more, the periodic need hang brine to pressure, often heard my mother say, there is a little symptoms immediately hang water, very proud.I'm very sorry for their ignorance.My baby is more and more strong, never get sick, sick days oneself well, too, basic no treatment.His neighbor's kids running in the middle of the hospital, tired of the trip, seen in this way I am a good mother.

Methods 2 how to make a newborn baby to sleeping through the night
Doctors in the United States repeatedly criticized me, you are not a good mother, next to the children a sleep in the morning, the next door's mother is a good mother, you are not!Every time I go to see the family doctor I coming in for criticism, the reason is I evening to nursing 1-2 times, complains it's hard to raise children is very tired.The doctor told me an idea: human don't need to eat in the evening!I silly ask, why?The doctor can't, have to loudly say: because we are human!I was very impressed, girl's dad would have laughter.Obviously, I'm worried that there might be hungry BABY night is superfluous, 10-12 hours of sleep in a row, 100 times more important than to eat milk for children!We tortured by the eldest girl is bad, bad habit of night eat milk until almost 2 years old.Pension second time according to the doctor said, let my husband and I completely free, from newborn to a week and my great are trained from 5 hours to eat milk, after 2 weeks, children will be able to sleep at dawn.Don't need to eat milk at night!!!!!!!!!!!(three exclamation mark means mothers, please be sure to keep in mind)

Trick three how to let the baby to sleep quietly, don't shake
Doctor said, in a happy BABY will sleep in a bed to sing (not really sing, is making BABY BABY)!Baby most of the time need to be spent on the bed, where parents, please remember, the bed is not moving!So, don't shake, picked up a baby don't walk, don't put the kids to bed, it is good to let him gently on the bed.Once again, the bed is not moving.Mom and dad you have no right to deprive the child lying on the bed the right to enjoy happiness.More important is, the excitement of children and parents do not force ring "crazy", the child's brain in infancy or colloidal state of jelly, it is easy to hurt.

Methods four lay sleeping beauty
Personal experience, the child was lying supine with sleep than sleep safe, just born children heart down, almost not a surprised a surprised, imitate the uterus wrapped.Another change is the main benefit of Asian pie face, within five days of babies need 1 hour to help turn, five days later, my girl could turn left myself freely.Girl is the standard of little face, and when they came out and generous face seemed to become a child, ha ha, satisfied.Old two great face not deliberately to do so, then niu need someone to take care of, have no energy for 1 hour over head energy, it's a pity.The opportunity is only within the birth to 3 months effective, are of great use.

Methods five baby's resistance is ten times stronger than you
Mom and dad wearing 2, the baby should never wear 2 and a half, only less than you're wearing, not more than you're wearing.My two children are very strong, cold and hot actually very good control, occasionally see children fever hospital children were flowers quilts quilted jacket wrapped in a layer of a layer, pathetic, children can't talk, are parents to harm.

Trick six not eat mother enough milk, only don't want to her mother
Can eat two and a half years old is the world the most happy baby.JANE GU said the doctor, not eating enough milk's mother, only don't want to her mother, the child's appetite is how much, is how many mother's milk, twins mother's milk also two children to eat enough.This I very failure, although GU doctor draw a circle, she told me that your child to eat how many, how much you can produce, you don't have enough milk, and milk powder, milk is really not enough, finally didn't, I later really proved less and less until lost.Children not to talk, she is not hard to eat know, mom feel less give up breast milk, milk is milk powder, is actually told my body, I can only produce so much.Believe in yourself can pledge competent cows.If another, be sure to prove it.Given birth to a child is on the third day go to the hospital to participate in the "feeding" class, a few mother took the baby in a circle, a black mother white and Asian mother mother, her class is the kind of sofa is very comfortable, the foot has a special stool legs.Doctors will be the child undressed, including diapers, then the weight of BABY accurate 2 digits behind the decimal point.Then let's holding the baby feeding, are not allowed to wear clothes wear diapers.Doctor one-to-one teaching mothers how to let children bite bite nipples and how to protect the nipples and a training at a time, there are other moms during to stimulate the secretion of milk with free pumping machine, use plastic bags to go home.I began to slowly not shy and embarrassed, ha ha, I don't know how many, niu to eat at home under the well, a lesson down, said the child weight immediately, I ate a lot of niu, seem to be the second day, the data before and after that I have milk.

Trick seven to take a bath every day, with clear water, less use bath dew
My two baby healthy is another reason to take a bath every day, it is necessary to take a bath every day.Gave birth to the child, remember me to listen to the teachings of my mother lying motionless, plan to stay up until the next day to take a bath, the nurse surprised to pull me up and take a shower "tradition, regardless of what you will wash all the sweat and bacteria health".I was misunderstanding was dirty mother dragged to a shower, to me, of course, both are natural birth.So, maternal and child?Children exercise every day, smelly sweat milk smell poop pee what smell all have, be sure to take a bath, not to wash the next day.This also is the main reason that health don't get sick, they don't catch a cold, resistance to ten times better than adults.Doctors told: baby shower with water as far as possible, and famous brand of baby products are not as good as water, do not use any bath dew, shampoo, water is the most best!The doctor said that as far as possible need not, must use a week it is good to use a bath dew, my house is three days with a (I think a week is too long, psychological effect).

Methods eight how to make the baby cry
Crying BABY is parents taught.Born small BABY listen to don't understand the words, they make judgment by conditioned reflex.Chinese parents heard the child crying up.JANE GU doctor repeatedly told me: as soon as children cry down, don't cry just up, just the other way around.Thus, even a small child can understand, don't cry when you hold, that very spirit.Put down crying children began training, looked at the clock, don't make her cry, ready to wait for ten minutes.For the first time can be set for 5 minutes, each time after time stretched, my niu is not up to 5 minutes for the first time, about three and a half when they stopped, I have love deeply grieved yourself fast cry, must endure.Can't let the children know that cry is called mother.Training "cry baby" to rule out four other reasons to cry: urine, sick, hungry, tired.God bless you, my two children are not without reason to cry, cry occasionally as a movement is also very few, niu and volunteering in 100% is happy baby, lie on the bed, all giggling noise of the children.

Methods nine baby milk to sleep?
BABY be mother holding the comfortable and safe, didn't eat satisfied fall asleep, wake up and eat two, torture, mom BABY to also do not have enough to eat can't sleep, hurt yourself.Lessons learned the most useful a recruit, how to wake the children to let them concentrate on milk, is to take off your clothes!To remain a diaper, the doctor told me, don't worry, do you have a mother holding her body temperature, the temperature can guarantee the babies don't catch a cold, the temperature is just right, the BABY is a little cold, they will be mindful eating (what she said is really eating, hehe).Don't worry, these look fragile thing, from the mother matrix out 10 times more resistance than adults, nursing mothers is not easy to disease, this is the power of reproduction.(of course, indoor temperature is warm, no air conditioning cold parts of the country people don't control imitation misunderstanding)

Methods 10 breast milk is the best "antibiotics"
Niu about 10 days, one eye inflammation fester, I've got to go to the hospital, and the girl's father scared or emergency, pediatric man asked the doctor, you still feeding milk powder, I said that breast milk.He said squeeze out into the child eyes, BABY will be good.What?I wait in line emergency so send me home.So do the same thing, and breast milk when medicine, niu indeed as expected in a few days, too, whether the cause of breast milk or not clear not chu, doctors in the United States into maybe some truth.Breast milk is a good thing.

Trick. You will be changing diapers?
Crap, to raise children who wouldn't diapers?Not necessarily oh.Do you have a child into the urine or smelly droppings?Wash 5 times a day the sheets is my record.Diapers, every time he comes to new aunt need to teach again, the trick is to clean diapers is put below the smelly diapers, then open the diapers, wipe out, so that even if the child is just at that time and then and urine, keep your sheet.Used to do, never happened accidentally.

Methods 12 you will take belch?
A posture, over the shoulder patted the child back, this is the traditional position, most of the time is not so easy to take out burp.
Position 2: let the child sitting on a leg, holding a child's neck, supporting his chin, his right hand clap back, so efficiency is very high, usually under a dozen clap a belch.The end of the bed a milk, must feed enough, finished hic continue to feed, and my great 2 week to sleep the whole night is to use it, finished hic can also feed 2-3 times again, until she really don't eat, small mouth to extrapolate state of bottles, miao miao can sleep through the night.

Methods 13 have grain for breakfast
4 months eat rice again big point with adults eat, children grow into a partial eclipse, not too early to eat as the food is good for children and adults.6 teeth, JANE GU said the doctor, she can already use the teeth to eat a lot of things, and everything can be feed, no not to eat.

Methods 14 don't destroy the baby's attention
Again small baby toys or watch TV or read a picture book, please don't interrupt them home aunt or anyone.Even it's time to eat, a little later.Cultivate a child's concentration is to cultivate them to grow up to concentrate to do anything.My niu concentration is very good, she likes things, such as puzzles, a few hours in the afternoon don't look up, no one told her, in addition to urinate.The most afraid of that yelling to amuse the child's elders, smart-aleck, ask questions with the TV on.Shut up, please be quiet.Give the child a dedicated environment.

Fifteen is also one of the most important trick, criticism only twice a day!
Parents also can't literally criticism, the baby can only criticize twice a day, out of tomorrow's quota it twice.The American teacher so carefully.So baby my grandmother said: "your child 10 times a day is not enough, two words I ran out of 10 minutes, it's too difficult. I laugh. The baby's period, criticism helpful? Aunt pull a poop was also criticism" baby do bad things again, "I will ask aunt, you have a day don't shit?

Methods 16 as long as not life threatening, encourage baby try and touch them
Chinese parents manners, too timid."Don't move, dangerous, stand up to the floor is dirty, don't touch, will stab to... not permitted, mustn't" American parents most often said was "Try it!" Try it, touch them.Encourage the baby, as long as not life threatening, don't try to prevent children to use their hands and know the world.Clothes dirty deal, rolling on the ground of the baby's time is very short, grain soup all over the floor, sweep big deal they will learn to eat with chopsticks, even early play serious cold water, play sand deal in shoes is difficult to clean.There are many barriers to overall children happy rules, prompting our little angels all become adult, faster and faster into obedient and sensible child.Happy is the first important, the clothes dirty is not important, as long as not life threatening, don't stop me from children.

Methods 17 walk slowly, whispering
Physically is important, and how adult children can learn.A rare encounter Shanghai lu teacher, teach children walk slowly, speaking quietly, the somebody else hear good, don't be so loud.Back to his hometown, village kindergarten teacher to teach the children tore up your voice to sing, I am watching, thought, cultivate the along while little lady is assimilated by han sent culture, ha ha, now the niu hot-and-dry noodles the same individual character is dye-in-the-wood, whole is a spice.The environment is very severe, almost no possibility of assimilation.

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